About the site

Website contains a cheat sheets for IT topics.


This site is contains cheat sheets, instructions to install, build, tune and use different applications in Linux.

Maybe, a some notes about software development and programming will be posted here in the future too.

Notes are structured by subject and contain tags for simple search the information you are interested in.

All published notes are based on the author’s personal experience and are published in the howto format.

I sincerely hope, these notes will be useful not only to author, but to somebody else who interested by IT and will allow to save a time in search of the necessary information. Strictly speaking, this prompted me to publish this information.

What will not be

Information not related to the technical and natural sciences will not be placed.


This site was created using by hugo - a tool for creating static sites. Perhaps, this is not the best tool, but it was tested first and you see the result of his work. There are many other tools for creating static sites and perhaps it will be tested in the future.

About the author

I believe, the content of the pages of this site will tell about me more eloquently than myself ;)